December Daily | Day 10


Today I am sharing a simple 1-page of 10 (ten) gratitude's I'm currently - well - grateful for. This has been a year of gratefulness, to say the least. With this page, in the coming year, 2018, I think I'm going to change things up and record 1000 gifts (after Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts book and project). I'm actually, planning on changing a bunch of things up this coming year, and how I record my gratitude's and thanksgivings is just one of them.

But, for now, here are simply 10.

Digitally, I found a bunch of 'tens' or put ones and zeros together, added paper (mostly Sahlin Studio, and Ali Edwards Design) or color to them and journaled my gratitude's. The font is Traveling Typewriter.

December Daily | Day 9


This may be a simple page but I love the simple story more. We have been blessed, and Jeff's feet have been blessed, to have really good pairs of boots to wear on the job. He's on his feet - a lot! We haven't given the boys boots such as these for two reasons, 1) boots from Red Wing, while very well made and long lasting are also very expensive, but 2) their feet hadn't stopped growing yet. But now they have and they are moving into careers shortly. So, they'll be walking in with a good pair of boots on their feet.

Digitally, I used a Paislee Press template that I modified and Sahlin Studio journal cards and embellishments.

December Daily | Day 8


Super simple page; My hair was getting so long and it wouldn't do any thing. And, then there is the gray. Mostly at my temples and the hairline but still evident. It wasn't a pretty sight. So, a new doo and some fresh color was in order. Just in time for Christmas!

Digitally I used a Paislee Press template from her December Fav No.6 kit and Ali Edwards Design overlay. Like I said, super simple

December Daily | Day 6


Simply designed page but not so simple to create. I started with a blue-ish tinged background and could not for the life of me get the background to go white (which is the background the phones camera should have seen). So, what's a girl to do? 

I duplicated the page, changed it to white, zoomed in really close and began erasing out every thing but the wrapping paper. And, Voila! The white background I should have had in the first place. I say that like it was easy. But, in fact, it was time consuming. The key is, definitely, to zoom in really close.

Very pleased with the resultant page and that luscious Stone Wrap, too!

December Daily 2017 | 5


December Story Five. Family pizza night and a movie. But, because it is December we made it a Christmas movie. I know, Die Hard, to some, is not technically a Christmas movie. But, we've always considered it one so we're sticking with it. Of course, Jeff made his homemade pizza.


We stayed up way to late and watched The Grinch with Jim Carrey after Die Hard. We still have a bunch of movies to watch but we're make quite the dent already. I have watched my favorite, It's a Wonderful Life. I cried. I cry. Every. Single. Time. The boys and I have watched both Home Alone and Home Alone, Lost in New York.


Digitally, I used two 6 x 8, Ali Edwards templates. Love the circles! Plus, a mix of Ali Edwards, Paislee Press, and Sahlin Studio's brushes or chipboard.

stories 2017 | fall


No other place within our reach have we seen fall in all its splendor then on our trip to north Georgia over our long birthday weekend, when Jeff and I got away to rest and relax. Jeff needed it more so than I, but still. It was glorious.

Capturing one lazy afternoon after a leisurely hike to the Amicalola Falls was just enough to send our senses reeling that we needed this time.

Jeff, who can nap anywhere, especially when the sun warms the cool mountain air, and a view and peacefulness that quiets the senses and allows the body to rest, took a good little snooze while I rested by reading my next book in the Chief Inspector Armande Gamache series by Louise Penny.

December Daily 2017 | 4


When the boys were in high school in their senior year they dual enrolled so both of them have a year of college under their belt. But, when they graduated high school they wanted to take a year off to work and save money for college. While Georgia does have a grant or scholarship for good grades, because we homeschooled the boys do not have this available the first semester. They have to 'prove' their grades.

So, when a year came and went and neither son did anything about enrolling in school we imposed rent. This was two-fold: motivate them to get enrolled in college and move forward in life, and we were saving their rent money to give back to them for college tuition, fees, books, etc.

Today, John and I walked into Savannah Technical College to pay for the first three classes plus fees for his welding diploma and certificates. We have heard great things regarding certified welders. They are coming out of college with well-paying jobs.

Excited we have this to celebrate this Christmas season!

Digitally, I used a Paislee Press template from her December Fav No. 6 kit; Sahlin Studio paper, and Ali Edwards' journal card from the December Daily 2017 Main kit and an old 'celebrate' embellishment from a small brush kit.

December Daily | Day 3


Today I'm sharing the small story #3 of our attending Compassion Christian Church's musical production this year, Jeff coming home from his week in Augusta in time for a quick dinner at McDonald's (of all places). When we got home staying up way to late watching a longtime Christmas movie favorite, The Grinch with Jim Carrey.

Because our church puts on a major interactive Christmas production called The Journey that requires more than 1000 volunteers, every other year our church does a much smaller scale Christmas play or musical. Here are some previous Journey December Daily /Project Life pages: 2016, 2016[2], 2014[2], 2013. This year, however, it was Chasing Christmas, a well-crafted story with beautiful music (we have very talented people in our church) that will definitely lead people to Christ if they are open to the Gospel.

For this page I used a December Fav template by Paislee Press (slightly modified, of course) and page elements/embellishments/word art by Sahlin Studio and Ali Edwards.

Note: I'm documenting stories and not necessarily days because I believe it won't matter 10 years from now whether it was on the 1st of December or the 15th of December but it was apart of our larger story of December this year.

Stories 2017 | weekend adventures


You can read the story below, but this is one of the many stories I am planning on telling of our (Jeff and I) long birthday weekend adventure we took the weekend before Thanksgiving. 

It was a relaxing and refreshing weekend and a wonderful way for us to celebrate our birthdays - versus exchanging gifts. Originally hoping to visit Niagara Falls but the US recently required passports for travelers returning back into the US from Canada and Jeff doesn't have a updated passport so we'll save that Falls trip for next year.

Instead, we visited Amicalola Falls in northern Georgia, our third Georgia state park with waterfalls visit and each one holds their own memorable time for us.

We love waterfalls. While I have a love-hate relationship with hiking, we took our time and leisurely ambled our way along the trails to the first tier of the falls then took to the many stairs down to the half way point and back up.

So beautiful!!!